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Taxi Studio

Wake The Tiger

Wake The Tiger

The World's First Amazement Park®

At Taxi Studio, we love a category-changer. A world first that shakes things up and makes the industry take notice. We couldn’t resist creating a brand world for the first-ever amazement park® with the team at Wake The Tiger. We produced a brand that pushes the boundaries of imagination and represents the truly unique and fantastical experience of the park. The result is an organic, conceptual psychedelic brand expression inspired by the idea of distorting the fabric of time and space to create portals where one can step into parallel universes.

The unique brand mark is made up of interdimensional threads that allude to the idea of a space-time continuum. It also nods to the materials used in the immersive world – a mishmash of the ‘perfectly imperfect’ objects that have been scavenged, reclaimed and repurposed. The fabric is interpreted within the words themselves to form a striking fusion of unorthodox and modern typography.

Taxi Studio has been an incredible team to work with. They helped us develop our brand and have understood what we are trying to achieve, constantly working with us to ensure we stay on course and build a strong and consistent brand world.”

Graham MacVoy

Co-founder & Director, Wake The Tiger

For tickets, click here.


Photography: Andre Pattenden

Videography: Alex Allen