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Never Too Young

Never Too Young

For Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer only affects older people, right? Wrong. Young people get bowel cancer too – a lot of young people in fact. Around 2,500 under 50s are diagnosed in the UK every year. But with more than nine out of ten new cases in people over the age of 50 and nearly six out of ten cases in people 70 and over, the support, literature and understanding leans heavily towards these age groups.

The under 50s are an overlooked minority. That changed in November 2018 when Sophia Sangchi, diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer at just 31, founded ‘Never Too Young’ (NTY) and came to us with a vision. Bowel cancer is surprisingly the least talked about of all the cancers – and very few people are motivated to fundraise for bowels – but, and here’s the big thing, bowel cancer is treatable and curable if it’s diagnosed early.

Never Too Young (NTY) – is a project group (part of Bowel Cancer UK) exclusively run by young people affected by bowel cancer for young people affected by bowel cancer.

Patients, partners, family and friends united by one thing – a drive to share personal experiences, raise awareness and make changes that save lives.

Our mission became to support the NTY team and help raise awareness of bowel cancer– by creating a brand expression that captures attention, drives awareness, builds community, empowers conversations, and ultimately could result in saving young lives. 

The colon became a clever, clear and simple shortcut to the brand – from being part of the logo itself, to a headline, to appearing as ratios, times, fractions, and even loo rolls – each designed to help drive awareness of the key symptoms to be aware of at every touchpoint.


Copywriting: Reed Words

Custom Font Creation: Ginger Monkey Design