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Taxi Studio

Ian Macleod

100% recyclable secondary packaging

Green Business Award - Sustainable Packaging


Crafted to last

Behind the geese-adorned gates at Glengoyne, you will find a production process that flies in the face of commercial gain. Since its early days, Glengoyne has taken an unhurried and uncompromising approach to making single malt, and it was this attitude that provided the inspiration for its new brand expression.

Across the entirety of its portfolio, signature elements – such as the hand-less clock face – were used to symbolise Glengoyne's rebellious attitude to time. The clock hands themselves were meticulously crafted with the input of expert Horologists, and accompanied by sentiments that further reinforce the idea: 'Every Hour Appreciated. Every Minute Savoured.'

Previous design

In a category where the rules are being re-written by own-brands, elevating Glengoyne's craft and premium credentials was essential. In doing so it has resulted in a harmonious portfolio of products with bespoke secondary packaging designed to both minimise environmental impact and communicate individual product propositions.

Taxi Studio were passionate about getting under the skin of the brand, our people and our distillery and that really ensured the creative approach was spot on really early in the process. A critical part of this rebrand was about creating environmentally conscious packaging and with that came a lot of learning, fact-finding and changes of direction along the way. Taxi Studio thrived on that ever-changing environment and as a result, we’ve ended up with a new range that every person in the company, from stillman to MD, is utterly passionate and excited about and we can’t wait to bring it to our whisky fans all over the world.”

Katy Muggeridge

Senior Brand Manager, Ian Macleod Distillers