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Taxi Studio

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

A Festive Favourite

Costa Coffee, a beloved British institution, is passionate about inspiring people to love great coffee. So, to keep up with emerging trends and ever-changing consumer drinking habits, Costa Coffee partnered with us in 2019 to create a ready-to-drink range. Following the lasting success of the range, Costa Coffee created a limited-edition Gingerbread Latte RTD for the holiday season.

We were tasked with creating the pack design – our aim was to bring Costa Coffee’s playful, passionate personality to life by conveying a fun festive feeling that brings a sense of warmth and nostalgia for customers all over the UK. The Gingerbread Latte Limited Edition launched in-stores this winter and so far results are incredibly strong, with lattes flying off the shelves!

It was a pleasure to bring a sense of warmth fun to this festive offering. Our aim with the new design was to reflect the quality of the product, and enhance the connection between Costa and its customers, both in Costa Café’s and in supermarkets.”

Clem Halpin

Design Lead, Taxi Studio