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Taxi Studio


28% increase in overall brand appeal

Silver Drum Award Winner

Peace Tea

Building brand love

Launched into an already aggressive category in North America 2009, Peace Tea's packaging was falling out of favour among its once-loyal Generation Z audience.

The product was perceived as lacking refreshment from a visual perspective, and brand relevance was at an all-time low.

Previous design

To restore its relevance, we sought to validate an early hypothesis with Peace Tea's core customers. While the name Peace was appreciated as distinctive and cool, the brand had no permission to adopt a semi-political tone of voice.

Our findings galvanised our belief that we needed to step away from the brand’s previous ‘ban the bomb’ style symbology and instead focus our attention on an attitude-infused ‘selfie-salute’.

This projected the brand’s edgy spirit plus reconnected with, and grew, their audience.