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Carlsberg EXPØRT

19% growth in gross profits

10,000 new distribution points

DBA Grand Prix Winner

Carlsberg EXPØRT

The Danish Way

Carlsberg UK needed to put the company’s premium lager, EXPØRT, back on the map. It performed extremely well in blind taste tests, but with less than desirable brand perception, it was struggling to connect with people. Couple that with a declining lager market and the onslaught of trendy new ‘authentic’ craft brews – things were not looking so good. They asked us to help turn things around.

Previous design

So, we did. Carlsberg EXPØRT needed to stand for something once more. That something was Danishness, more specifically ‘hygge’, a cultural mood meaning conviviality and contentment, and our new branding celebrated this, from bottle cap to off pack.

We collaborated with Touch on all aspects of the structural design, including the bottle, glass and beer tap – together we brought Danishness through all the physical touchpoints. The new design proved to be the most commercially effective re-design of 2018 - resulting in 10,000 new distribution points and re-listings in 5 major supermarkets, a 19% increase in gross profits and winning the Grand Prix and Gold in the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards.