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Taxi Studio


Voted the No.1 beer brand in China

115+ SKUs delivered across 80 markets

350m social media impressions at launch

22 creative awards


The pursuit of betterment

Carlsberg faced many strategic challenges globally: lacking relevance due to increased pressure from craft beers; delisting from multiples; a visually in-cohesive portfolio of brews; disparity in brand reputation market-to-market; poor brand recognition (at both fixture and back bar); and a vast and confusing range of glassware and bottles to name but a few.

Fundamentally, the brand needed: a premiumisation strategy; a distinctive and consistent tone of voice; a coherent future-proof visual identity system; and a compelling reason to be – starting with substantiating why Carlsberg is 'Probably the best beer in the world'.

Previous design

To breathe new life into one of the world's most iconic brands and ensure it would resonate with new and existing customers, our brand and design strategy was to travel back in time and revisit (and respect) Carlsberg's illustrious past. Embracing Danish design principles and J.C. Jacobsen's fervent belief in striving for better became the brand’s new driving force.

Taxi has demonstrated not only extremely strong design capabilities but very strong strategic thinking as well, across multiple global projects the quality of work is fantastic. Hard-working, fun guys with a very strong can-do attitude, they never take the easy option out. They’re continuously striving to make things better. They are by far the best agency I’ve ever worked with.”

Julian Marsili

Global Brand Director, Carlsberg