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World Environment Day

More mindful. Less waste.

Sustainability is playing an ever-important role in our business for our clients and their brands. Over the years we’ve collaborated with our clients on eco-minded, innovative and award-winning work – not despite sustainability challenges set, but because of them – and we are incredibly proud to have played our part.

Breathing new life into one of the world’s most iconic brands, our brand and design strategy was to travel back in time and revisit (and respect) Carlsberg’s illustrious past. Embracing Danish design principles and J.C. Jacobsen’s fervent belief in striving for better became the brand’s new driving force. We supported Carlsberg Group in making their green ink greener, because green, ironically, is the most unenvironmentally friendly ink colour – but by switching to recyclable Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified™ ink, Carlsberg’s famous green is now produced using only renewable energy. 

As part of Carlsberg’s Betterment journey, ‘Snap Pack’ was born – an innovation that reduces plastic usage through innovative glue technology. The results speak for themselves, with up to 76% reduction in plastic use than previous multipacks, equivalent to 60 million plastic bags per year. 

We worked with Nestlé Global Confectionery R&D center to bridge the gap between wholesome snacking and great taste. To create something that genuinely embraced the broader sense of wellbeing, we also needed to ensure the packaging itself lived up to the brand’s wholesome proposition. YES! is the world’s first 100% recyclable paper packaging in the snacking segment. 

Working with Ian Macleod Distillers, we elevated Glengoyne’s craft and premium credentials and brand presence across the entirety of its portfolio by creating a brand expression that was as unique as the whisky’s heritage, processes and Highland/Lowland boundary location. When it came to the packaging, it was vital to address another critical issue – to move the collection to 100% recyclable and locally sourced packaging. The result – this year, Glengoyne has taken the top spot in the ‘Green Packaging Award’ for the spirits category at this year’s ‘Drinks Business Green Awards’.

The wooden packaging containing Glengoyne’s prestige whiskies were designed to promote second use by the consumer. They feature personalisable plaques, peelable labels and removable inner fitments to allow the box to be used as a luxury keepsake storage cabinet.


The Green Business Awards Judges commented that Glengoyne is “…a distillery taking a novel environmental approach to luxury packaging.” Furthermore, the judges applauded Glengoyne’s second-use packaging options for their 25yr old and 30yr old expressions.

Evolving our original sustainable re-brand design for Highland Spring, we partnered again with Touch Design to help develop their all-new eco bottle design, made from 100% recycled plastic.

Investing in sustainability is an ever-evolving process, and we’re always learning as we go To demonstrate our commitment to supporting our clients, and playing an active role in the change we want to see in the world – Taxi Studio has embarked on a journey to becoming a certified B-Corporation. This is our promise to help shape a better future by balancing people, planet and profit in everything that we do.

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Lauren 4th Jun 2021