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Taxi Studio

Welcoming Katie Scotland

In-house Coach

Taxi Studio have appointed Katie Scotland as their first in-house coach.

Taxi Studio are challenging the perception of coaching as a preserve of senior executives by offering individual coaching as a benefit for all their employees – making it available, easily accessible, and an integral part of the company culture.

This is a new approach and a game-changing offering for a business of this size.

Kate Lenton, Managing Partner: “It’s a big move for us. This feels as important as when we first introduced flexible working. We recognise work is just one part of our lives and that people need personal fulfilment and balance to feel happy and motivated.

This is something we want everyone to take advantage of - there isn’t a person in the business who wouldn’t benefit from some time to focus on their personal goals and receive some objective support to help them succeed.

Our people are our greatest asset and we firmly believe that happy people with a clear idea of their direction make the business more successful.”

Katie Scotland: “I’m extremely excited to embark on this new initiative with Taxi who share a genuine belief and commitment to supporting their people. They’re at the top of their game, and one of the nicest companies to work with. 

Coaching across all levels of the company, on an ongoing basis, gives us a unique opportunity to really see what difference coaching can make to a business.”

Kate: “When I first thought about the idea of a Coach I knew there was only one woman for the job! The combination of Katie’s coaching style and her creative industries experience means she brings something very unique to this role. She understands the pressures of agency life and how to get the best out of creative people and we are very lucky to have her on board!”


Why invest in a dedicated Coach for everyone?

Kate: “We see ourselves as the caretaker of people’s careers while they’re working for Taxi – helping our people be their best, discover what makes them tick, and reach their potential. Being part of Taxi is about doing your best work, with amazing people and developing personally and professionally whilst under our roof.

Over the last year, we had a look at the personal development side of the employee experience and felt it needed ‘something else’ to help focus and motivate people, outside of a traditional line management and review process.

We have a responsibility to our team to support them in increasingly varied ways and this changes week-to-week and person-to-person – whether that is navigating a first job, balancing a young family, finding their feet in a new role, preparing for a big meeting or overcoming a personal challenge.

In an industry where deadlines and expectations can cause pressure, people work hard and projects can be stressful, often the last thing they make time for is thinking long-term about their goals.

We have a proud history of helping people identify where their passion lies and have never been afraid to help them change focus or carve out a more fulfilling role if that works better for them and the business. We wanted to replicate that impact on a broader scale and hit on the idea of our own in-house coach.”


How is a Coach different to a Manager?

Katie: “Coaching gives protected thinking time away from day to day commitments and team dynamics, to allow the individual to look up, imagine their own bigger picture and future, and start to make that a reality.

Most importantly coaching is always objective and in confidence. The coach is focused on the individual’s needs without judgement or agenda and nothing discussed in a coaching session is shared with the individual’s manager or anyone else at Taxi.

Those conditions allow the individual to be completely honest about how they are feeling and what they really want. They can hold up a mirror to themselves in a completely safe space. It’s sometimes hard to do that with a manager.”


What has the response been from the team?

In the first month of launching the initiative, over half the business have signed up for and started coaching – across every department and level. We’ve been blown away by the initial response. Everyone has embraced this with open hearts and minds, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results.

Ellie Dent, Senior Creative Strategist

“It’s early days but I can already tell that this is going to have lasting value on the way I approach my career. It’s a way of stepping back from the day to day pressures of agency life and thinking about the bigger picture that sometimes gets pushed to the wayside. 

It’s amazing to work in an agency that so highly values the wide-reaching development of its staff: having an in-house coach feels like a real investment in all of us personally, which leaves me feeling pretty warm and fuzzy.”

Liv Beresford-Evans, Designer

“From the first session, I felt so excited to see where this goes, knowing that each session equips me with another set of tools to help carve my career and development.”

Laura Coulson, Account Director

“It’s a brilliant opportunity to take the time you wouldn’t usually give yourself (we all know agency life can be unexpected!) to pause, reflect and have space to focus and plan - in all aspects of life.”

Stu Tallis, Senior Designer

“The coaching has been nothing short of a privilege. It has given me the structure and time to delve deep into my own brand, and asked questions that forced me to really understand what drives me, my values and boundaries which I can use as my guiding principles as I move through my career with confidence and purpose.”

Ellie Wilson, Senior Account Director

“Taxi have always been great at supporting employees with their personal development, and working with Katie in a coaching capacity brings a new perspective and actively encourages you to challenge your assumptions and push your boundaries.”

Posted by

Kate 23rd Jan 2020