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Taxi Studio

Shortlisted Creative Pool

Independent Agency of the Year

We've done pretty well in the Creativepool Awards the last two years – proudly winning People’s Choice last year and Independent Agency the year before. The reason these mean so much to us is that these categories celebrate every aspect of agency life – and that means the award is shared by the whole team, all playing their part in the win!

It’s been a challenging year for our whole industry (clients and agencies alike). As an independent, we’ve definitely had a tough 12 months so it would be great for our team to get that kind of recognition again – not just for everything we have achieved this year as an agency and the huge changes we've been through, but as an endorsement that the camaraderie, hard work and resilience of the team continues to pay off.

An agency is always a work in progress and the ongoing pursuit of ‘better’ across many moving parts can be relentless. But we never rest. We’re always moving forward, always learning and asking ourselves how we might do things differently – this drive and determination has been part of Taxi’s DNA for the last 20 years. Our Creativepool Awards have really demonstrated that approach and surfaced all facets of who we are – our team, our values, our clients, our work, and all the amazing moments that combine to make Taxi a pretty special place.

And this year, as well as the nomination for Independent Agency, our very own Ryan Wills, Founder & Creative Partner at Taxi Studio, has been shortlisted for the Creative Leader of the Year Award. 

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Kate 14th Jul 2021