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Nestlé Combos

NPD Launch

With people seeking new ways to enjoy their favourite treats or snacks, sharing within the confectionery market has continued to grow this year by 0.3%*. The need for FMCG brands to innovate, differentiate and excite customers is becoming increasingly important.

We were delighted to collaborate with three of Nestlé UK’s most popular confectionery brands to respond to this growing trend by extending their product range with an elevated offer that’s perfect for any occasion.

“From initially working with the Nestlé UK team in early 2020 to validate potential offers in this space with consumers, we are absolutely delighted that the successful Combos packs are now in market with our energetic, impactful visual identity” Karl Wills, Creative Director.

Nestlé Combos is a new range of tasty, exciting combinations of treats perfect for sharing with family and friends. The new product combines Nestlé’s most popular chocolates with other delicious sweet treats to deliver a unique mix of taste and texture with every mouthful.

*IRI, 52 w/e 02.01.21

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Lauren 24th Sep 2021