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Independent Agency of the Year

Creativepool 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that our independence has triumphed once again.

We’ve won the People’s Choice of Independent Agency of the Year in the 2020 Creativepool Annual Awards.

This year has been all about kindness and a coming together of community. So to be voted as the people's favourite by the creative community means the world to us.

Thanks to our three founders we've been proudly independent since 2002 – and 18 years later we’re robust and agile enough to be producing award-winning brand expression work across six continents.

As well as being super-proud of the work we do with our clients, we’re equally as proud of every single super-star and the role they play – whether that's producing great work, or creating the right conditions for that to happen.

So a massive congratulations to our fantastic team who are not only weathering the storm they call 2020 but continually working so hard to make Taxi such a special place to be!

Posted by

Lauren 12th Oct 2020