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In a Glass of its Own

Serving up the perfect pint

Those in the know, know that the right glassware can make (or break) your go-to refreshing alcoholic beverage.

For one thing, it’s a bit frustrating to order your favourite beer to have it served in another brand’s glassware – especially if you’re a CAMRA hardened ale drinker being served a brew in a continental lager glass, for instance.


And for another, as we enter the summer months, there’s not a single pilsner drinker who will appreciate an under or over-nucleated pint.


So, what are we to make of the world’s unheralded chalices, mugs, tumblers, steins and goblets? And what are their roles in serving up the perfect pint, time and again?

The science bit

It’s no surprise that a perfectly paired pint pot can enhance a beer-drinking experience. Just ask our friends at Carlsberg. Ever since Emil Christian Hansen discovered the yeast from which most lagers in the world today are derived in 1883, science has been at the heart of their attitude towards making things better.


This attitude was channelled into producing glassware for Carlsberg’s portfolio of brews that was not only beautiful but critically enhances the brew it carries.


When tasked with creating the perfect glass to complement probably the best beer in the world, we set out to design probably the best glassware in the world –  by adopting the following betterments:

  • tapered top to retain a beautiful crown, not too deep, not too shallow
  • unique bowl-shaped base to allow the beer to flow smoothly into the glass, helping to reduce excess foaming
  • nucleation point to facilitate the release of carbonation, creating a steady stream of bubbles helping maintain a well-proportioned crown on the beer
  • chunky stem to help encourage hands off the body of the glass, which in turn helps to keep the brew cooler for longer
  • an unforgettable, timeless aesthetic to temps you to ‘liberate’ the glass from the bar… and find its way into your home*
  • ensure dishwasher friendliness, few sharp angles to trap stubborn hardened foam (no one likes to drink from a dirty glass) 


*we don’t condone stealing. Probably.

Ergonomics and utility

As with any structural design, the utility of the product and its ergonomic qualities are also vital to consider. Again, working with Carlsberg (this time with their Carlsberg Export brand), we ensured that the grip detail matched a very deliberate profile. Not only this, but we designed it in such a way that your pinky finger could come to rest effortlessly and steady the glass.

An untapped brand expression opportunity

The form of the glass can also be utilised to bring to life a brand’s product proposition. Using raised services/3D effects, we successfully helped cider brand Somersby to express ‘real refreshment’, and through considered design and print finishes it is possible to create Limited Editions that feel anything but limited.


The best alcoholic beverage brands know that the best glassware not only enhances the taste of their brew, but also the perception and reputation of the brand. And as much as we don’t condone stealing, the biggest compliment your glassware can receive is by finding its way into the home of drinkers.

Posted by

Matt 8th Jan 2021