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Becoming a B Corporation

People, Planet, Profit

Wherever I have worked, I have always questioned the status quo – why continue to do something the same way it has always been done? Why replicate the past if there’s a better way? How can we think about things differently?

When it comes to considering Corporate Social Responsibility, thoughts generally turn to box-ticking or eye-rolling. And although there are many types of certification out there, they can lack substance: Do you recycle? Tick. Do you look after your employees?Tick. Are you inclusive? Tick.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

But where’s the depth? Where’s the meaningful action?

I first heard about B Corporations when I joined Taxi Studio last year. It was high on their agenda, and I was tasked with digging deeper.

Becoming a B Corporation means you meet the highest verified standards for social and environmental performance. As a B Corp you commit to balancing people, planet & profit – a triple bottom line.

‘Finally a certification that means something’ I thought. A way to think about running a business differently – more reflective of the times we live in and the way we feel.

B Corp certification is to business, what Fair Trade is to coffee. You’d never buy coffee that isn’t Fair Trade and that’s where Taxi Studio believes business is heading – a B Economy unified under a common goal to use business as a force for good.

So, after months of research, it became clear that trying to achieve B Corp status is not a ‘maybe’ but a cast iron ‘definitely’ for any socially responsible business in 2020.


We’re really excited about starting our B Corp journey and it is hugely important to every person in our team that we’re making this commitment.

In this disjointed world of climate change, racism, poverty, oh and a pandemic to name a few, a business needs to stand for more than profit. We’re not naïve in thinking that a single business can solve these huge issues, but we do believe that we should play an active part in the change we want to see in the world (cheesy, but it’s true).


During early lockdown, we got a glimpse of what sustainable living might look like and it was odd but strangely beautiful. We connected with our communities, we roamed car-less streets and renewed our relationship with nature and our health. As a result, and at the height of lockdown, only 9% wanted to return to “normal”.

The pandemic has shown us that change is possible, now it’s up to us to hold onto this feeling and drive it into our future.

There is a movement filtering its way through our industry aptly penned “The Great Reset”. It’s about harnessing the lessons from lockdown, coupled with the consumer influence and responsibility we have, to help shape a more sustainable future. Becoming a B Corp is Taxi Studio’s next step in building that future.


Getting there will be difficult, that is a definite theme I’ve gleaned over the past few months talking to other B Corps. But that’s ok – in our industry, we get thrown challenges and achieve the seemingly impossible almost every day.

If the last five months have taught me anything it’s that the team at Taxi Studio are the most resilient, talented & progressive bunch I’ve ever worked with.

A challenge to us, is a call to action… and becoming a B Corp is possibly the most important call to action there is.

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Josh 3rd Sep 2020