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Aptamil Organic Cereal

NPD Launch

Organic products are becoming an increasingly familiar sight in our shopping baskets and homes. The desire to better understand our products’ ingredients is a significant trend within the health and wellness industry – especially when it comes to our children.


We’re delighted to collaborate with Aptamil (Danone), experts in early life nutrition, to extend their new organic product range.


After the successful global launch of Aptamil Organic, we’ve taken the brand expression, developing it for Aptamil Organic Cereals and allowing their product portfolio to grow naturally into the world of baby food.


This new product range harnesses the naturality of the organic ingredients and vitamin B1, whilst communicating the products’ delicious flavour – Banana and Strawberry Porridge, for four to six months+ and seven Grain Cereal, for babies seven months+.


The result is a harmonious balance between recognising the trusted brand authority of Aptamil, whilst communicating its organic credentials and projecting a more premium offering.

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Emma 1st Mar 2021