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A force of nature

Transforming Dolphin into a force of nature by reengineering their brand DNA, creating a mark of quality and taking them on the journey every step of the way.

Social Creatures

As a family run business, Dolphin came to us with a great offer: excellent products, impeccable customer service and a raft of passionate employees. There was just one problem: their brand lacked lustre. As self-confessed marketing sceptics, they struggled to see the business benefits an intelligent brand approach could deliver – until we waded in.

From the get go, we were there to help Dolphin transition, fostering real-relationships, demonstrating the necessity of branding and tailoring our service to suit their needs. Once they were totally confident in how their brand could improve their business, our new friends at Dolphin were ready to take the plunge.

Great brands are anchored in solid strategy, so before diving into the brand refresh, we re-engineered Dolphin’s architecture, clarifying and naming their sub-brands as well as arming them with a new vision, values, personality and proposition.

The Evolution of Dolphin

Elegant and intelligent, sociable and adaptable, the more we researched the mammal behind the name, the more we drew parallels to the brand. Cetology, or the study of dolphins, became our driving creative idea.

From stationery to showrooms, presentation templates to product photography, tone of voice to packaging – we gave Dolphin a stylish, uniting visual identity system based on the creatures themselves. To ensure the new brand identity carried the same DNA throughout, we created bespoke patterns for each newly established sub-brand inspired by the unique markings of different dolphin species.

Digital Dolphin

In order to convey quality and convert one-off sales into life-long customers, Dolphin needed a bespoke digital strategy. We encouraged them use their budget better by investing in user research, allowing us to target the right customer through the right channels.

Armed with invaluable insights, we set-to evolving Dolphin’s online offering from social strategy to SEO audits including social guidelines, content calendars and targeted sales incentives to retain customers. At every stage we wove in customer benefits with a microscopic attention to detail to ensure macro-business benefits in the long run.

We transformed their clunky sales-catalogue into an efficient e-commerce website with easily digestible product specifications, crystal clear pricing and a complex array of information presented in an effortlessly stylish format.

Easy to use with intuitive navigation, we also created ‘Dolphin Collections’ where customers could curate their own collection of Dolphin products, manage budgets and keep all their ideas in one place.

Do It Once, Do It Right

Having engineered a bespoke strategy and beautiful designs, our next task was to help Dolphin communicate their new look and feel with an integrated marketing campaign.

We started with an internal communications workshop to empower a pod of Dolphin employees as champions of their new brand. Next, we sent VIP customers ‘A Study of Dolphin’ detailing the transformation in a witty keepsake book that invited them to a launch event organised by ourselves.

From the start, we fostered a great relationship with Dolphin helping them up-skill their team and improve their business with branding at every turn. Today, we’ve left Dolphin with effortlessly stylish designs and a team of employees ready to champion their new brand identity.

“Initially, we were healthily skeptics about the potential value of branding. Today, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Taxi to other owner-operated businesses for their dedication, attention to detail and passion for what they do.”

Chris Beattie

Sales and Marketing Director, Dolphin

Posted by

Lauren 20th Jul 2016