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Taxi Studio

A fresh perspective

Internship programme

Sarah Carr spent four weeks with us on an internship placement before heading off to University to study psychological and behavioural science. Bringing a fresh perspective to the studio, she used her interest in psychology to delve into the science of creativity. We caught up with Sarah to get her take on the time with us...

“My four-week internship with Taxi Studio really couldn't have been better. I was welcomed into their contemporary workspace with a room full of smiles and instantly felt part of the team.

I joined the Strategy department to understand how I could apply my upcoming psychological and behavioural science degree to the creative and marketing industry. 

My core task was a proactive research piece for one of Taxi Studio's clients. This helped me develop several research skills, such as: defining the brief and desired outcomes, conducting primary and secondary research, and summarising findings in a presentation to the rest of the team.

I also worked on a series of smaller research tasks, giving me a rounded view of the work involved in a strategy role and testing my time-management skills. I enjoyed applying my knowledge of psychology to challenges in the marketing and branding world, such as how to create unforgettable design. It was fascinating to analyse from a psychological perspective and made me feel as though I was able to provide a different and valuable lens on the studio's design considerations.  

I also had the opportunity to meet with colleagues across the different business departments, which enabled me to understand the different roles within the agency and how they work together to complete a project. Sitting in on internal and client meetings helped further this understanding. It gave an insight into client-studio interactions and relationship building.

Taxi Studio was a lovely environment to work in, and it was great to get a taste of agency life. I particularly enjoyed the agency's flexible nature and focus on employee well-being. My experience working at Taxi Studio has helped shape my thoughts about the type of workplace and role I might like to pursue after University.”

Posted by

Lauren 18th Jul 2022